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Our new, ultimate Acne Free and Clear treament series


Introducing a new, proven treatment series for active acne breakouts.  These treatments combine the benefits of a detox facial, targeted poly-hydroxy acid peels with salycilic and retinol, and the clearing effects of Blue LED Light.

Free and Clear Acne Package includes four treatments:

- Treatment #1:  Detox facial with 15 minutes of Blue LED therapy.
- Treatment #2 & 3*:  Ekseption™ Retinol/Salycilic peel with 15 minutes of Blue LED therapy
- Treatment #4: 30-minute clearing mini-facial with 15 minutes of Blue Led therapy

* Treatment #2 and #3 must be done a month apart - Series to be completed within 90 days.

$ 250** for the Free & Clear series

** Special pricing for teens $195