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Every month, we feature facials and other treatments in harmony with the flavors and scents of the season, and appropriate for what the skin needs at that specific time of year.  This month, we invite you to try...


Pineapple Facial.jpg

Summer is definitely here and your skin is screaming for some serious hydration!  As we spend our lazy summer days basking in the warm sun, UV rays go to work robbing our skin of much-needed moisture and prematurely aging our skin. This is the time for a hefty dose of Vitamin C found in our Pineapple/Macadamia facial, drenching the skin with potent amounts of Vitamin C and hydration,with age-correcting antioxidants which are vital to overall skin health .    Like many fruits and vegetables, pineapple can be just as nourishing on the body as in the body. Pineapple contains bromelain, a naturally occurring enzyme, which provides a gentle softening and brightening exfoliation.   Special facial of the month $60

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